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IMS or International Marine Services Company are leading ship chandler in Egypt, providing the highest standards in the everyday needs of the vessel. As one of the top 10 ship chandlers in Egypt, we ensure that every requirement of the Maritime industry is met even in a constantly changing environment to create efficient processes and workflows across sea operations.

International Marine Services Co (IMS) was established in 2010 to provide fully inclusive portfolio of services to the marine industry. we have established a reputation for quality & service to our clients. We say we are ”Your Perfect Service Partner” because that is our aim, every hour of the day, every day of the month, every month of the year.

Our heritage over the last 13 years gives us the knowledge, the experience, the vision and the passion to expand and to continue building on our solid foundations.

We will never compromise on quality, service and value.

”IMS – Your Perfect Service Partner for marine services”

Established in 2010, IMS has been serving as ship chandlers, we are reputed ship chandlers in Egypt and understand every need of our customers, whether general ship provisions, food ration, maintenance services, or ship spare parts suppliers in Egypt

Our expert technicians ensure the delivery of first-class ship services and respond to every inquiry efficiently. In addition, our staff curates fast and flexible shipping supplies and seamless logistics requirements for clients, dealing only with quality products.

We are committed to managing ships, focusing on safety, and our board maintenance is also fairly reasonable. In addition, IMS provides flexible and quick ship supply and support services, making us the most preferred Ship spare parts suppliers and marine services company in the Egypt.





International Marine Services IMS seeks to provide the highest quality of Services and Products that are guaranteed to meet the needs of our Principals and Clients and keep them satisfied.


International Marine Services IMS aspire to become industry leaders by providing highly integrated maritime services and to excel in the shipping field by providing the highest quality and efficiency.

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