We provide a broad spectrum of marine safety products and are the leading suppliers of all kinds of safety items including LSA, FFA & PPE Equipment, Anti-Piracy/ISPS Security items, Safety Harness, Fall Arrestor, and many more including all types of IMO Signs/Symbols & Posters (standard and customized), Tie Tags, Wayfinding Tapes, Retro-reflective Tape, Security Tapes, Security Label/Seal, Security Cable Tie, etc.

We supply a range of products as follows:

  • Life Jackets
  • Lifebuoys
  • Reflective tapes, lifeboat torches
  • Immersion suits
  • Lifeboat anchors
  • Lifeboat jack knives
  • Lifeboat ditty bags
  • Fire hoses
  • All-purpose nozzles
  • 3 Position fog nozzles
  • All types of hose couplings, fire axes
  • Safety belts & hooks
  • Dust protecting masks
  • Paint spray respirators plastic chipping goggles
  • Noise for earmuffs
  • Earplugs
  • Safety helmets
  • Antislip tapes